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UCM Global provides risk management services to automotive manufacturers and their marine insurers along with in-life vehicle fleet operators.

Introduction To

UCM Global are part of Bureau Veritas, a global enterprise having resources and infrastructure in 140 countries. We adhere to Bureau Veritas’ high standards, especially in the area of ethical behaviour – which is key to our work in the automotive logistics sector – and also to reducing the impact of our activities to the environment.

UCM’s services include claims management and recoveries related to new car delivery on a worldwide basis, plus we have a dedicated risk management and loss prevention team wholly focussed on improving our client’s business performance. We also co-ordinate and control catastrophe loss events such as hail or contamination affecting new vehicles, anywhere in the world.

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Our Services

UCM Global provide solutions to issues related to damage to new vehicles during their delivery from plant to end dealer anywhere in the world. Our services are based around our know-how and our systems enabling us to identify ‘hot spots’ and stop them happening in future with the ultimate aim of reducing net costs to a minimum. 

About UCM Global


our people

UCM Global has always been an organisation defined by bringing together talented people with a shared vision and passion for helping us to be the best we can be for our clients.

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our credentials

We are defined by the extent of relationships we build, the services we provide and the outcomes we deliver. Ultimately the details of what we have achieved speak for us.

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join us

By recruiting great people who care and have a “can do” attitude we create a recognisable way of UCM Global doing business.

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our parent company bureau veritas

Since their founding in 1828, the Bureau Veritas name has been synonymous with integrity—all the more crucial in an industry built on trust.

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Our Values

At the heart of our corporate strategy lie the values around which we build our organisation. We induct, train and measure our employees based on these values, as we are convinced that by doing so, we will deliver the best possible service outcomes for our customers.

Honesty and Openness

Adopting an open transparent approach to all business dealings and treating all stakeholders including colleagues, suppliers and customers with total honesty.

Impartiality and Fairness

Taking a balanced and fair approach to internal and external dealings and adopting a position of impartiality to give the best possible and most practical advice and solutions.

Efficiency and Innovation

Constantly exploring where efficiencies can be found both for ourselves and for our customers and dedicating thought and action space for innovations to achieve constantly improving outcomes.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Understanding the business’ impact internally, externally, socially and within the wider environment and taking positive responsible actions.

Integrity and Reliability

Ensuring we maintain the highest standards across all values consistently and reliably, adopting a strong professional approach to all challenges, at all times.


As part of the wider Bureau Veritas organisation we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint, adapting to climate change and safeguarding biodiversity.

Bureau Veritas and therefore UCM Global upholds the same environmental policy across all its activities of the organisation’s activities are ISO 14001-certified.

Our business practices ensure that our key environmental objectives are always considered:

  • Reducing CO2 emissions
  • Management of energy resource needs
  • Management of waste

We work every day to reduce our environmental footprint and are constantly looking to find new solutions that bring positive environmental impact and greater efficiency and therefore customer benefit.

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Track Your Claim

UCM Global prides itself in adhering to its values and in particular openness, transparency, efficiency and innovation. Our online systems support these values by making claims information on an individual or holistic basis available to our customers and the claimants/repairers that submit claims.

At a claim level our CMP system offers an open and transparent process for managing claims from start to finish including payment management.

From an overall perspective CMP manages the claims process across geographic domains through multilingual options and specific sequences according to client need. The data gathered about claims for clients provides a central element to analysis, identification of trends and risk management we perform for client as part of our services. This risk management activity supports reducing net cost to our customers and enables them to place reliance on route to market lead times.


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