Claims Management

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Successful handling of claims for damages to new vehicles is a unique combination of knowledge, process and systems.

Our team understand how the sector works, the issues that are particular to handling vehicles across all modes of transport, and the client’s need for efficient and effective handling of claims to meet their brand promise to the end purchaser.

Our claim system reflects these unique industry needs and has been designed and developed inhouse to reflect the need for robust processes, but also for the agility to adapt as constant changes to vehicle sales demand new logistics solutions.

We leverage the abilities of our system to automate routine steps, enabling the claims teams to use their time more effectively to building trust with the logistics distribution chain, better understand the causes of damage, and promote actions to stop the same damages happening again.

Claim management is not merely about processing claims. It’s about understanding the environment required to reduce avoidable damages which add no value to the distribution chain.

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