Damage Prevention

We look at all the pieces to identify the right solution

Damage during transport adds to the cost of getting new vehicles to market. Additionally, it causes delay and frustration to the dealer and end user alike.

Our focus on damage prevention matches our dedication to provide the optimum claims process solutions. Our dedicated Quality & Risk team wholly concentrate on reducing the net cost of transit damage for our customers with prevention of damage as our objective.

With our ability to collect comprehensive data related to the journey taken by new vehicles to market, we are able to identify trends in damages by model, route and carrier, pinpointing the root causes and identifying the stakeholders we will work with the find sustainable damage prevention solutions.

Damage and claims data can be generated from claims processes that we manage or can be provided from OEMs or approved third parties meaning that our ability to create damage prevention solutions is not reliant on managing the claims process.

Our team, supported by the infrastructure and network of Bureau Veritas give us the global reach to place experts ‘on the ground’ means we are able to approach remedial action from a hands-on perspective when required and together with data analysis and interpretation and the expertise to work with involved stakeholders we have complete solutions based on the reality of what a vehicle experiences as it travels to its end destination.

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