Incident Management

Smooth management of events come from each step following an order

Whilst we can control many aspects of damages that occur within the distribution chain, there are many other external factors that can impact on the vehicle arriving at its destination damage free and ‘factory fresh’.

Weather events such as hail, floods, dust and sand-storms can damage vehicles, as well as man-made events such as air-borne industrial contamination from near-by factory exhaust stacks or metallic dust from overhead electric cables or brake pads on railway wagons.

Through our network of associated companies and specialists across the globe, we can be onsite within 24 hours or less to assess the damage and make recommendations for rectifications in the shortest time for the lowest cost. We also project manage the whole event to its natural conclusion especially communication with the destination markets and insurance partners to ensure maximum awareness for interested parties, so that the expectations of the end users can be managed.

We only work with a number of specialist organisation who have the technical know-how and certification to rectify new car damages back to an ‘as new’ condition in line with the manufacturer’s quality standards.

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