In-Transit Repair Management

Delivery Lead Time Impacts Minimised       Sustainable Damage Containment Solutions        Increased Visibility & Tracking

We recognise that where vehicles are repaired in the transit flow (pre-final delivery) that it is not just the claim for costs that needs to be managed efficiently.

Managing the impact on ultimate delivery lead time is crucial and so closely supervised oversight of the repair management process plays an important role where UCM Global’s direct experience can bring value to our customers.

By focused co-ordination and transparent tracking of affected vehicles we can remove bottlenecks that have adverse lead time impact. By tracking the types of issue arising we can address the risks that cause damage and reduce the potential for future damage occurring.

Ensuring costs are moderated at all times and always having in mind the customers expectation on delivery we work with logistics stakeholders to achieve tangible and sustained beneficial impacts the inherited delays caused by transit damage.

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