UCM Values

At the heart of our corporate strategy lie the values around which we build our organisation. We induct, train and measure our employees based on these values, as we are convinced that by doing so, we will deliver the best possible service outcomes for our customers.

For UCM these values are:

Honesty and Openness Adopting an open transparent approach to all business dealings and treating all stakeholders including colleagues, suppliers and customers with total honesty.

Impartiality and Fairness

Taking a balanced and fair approach to internal and external dealings and adopting a position of impartiality to give the best possible and most practical advice and solutions.
Efficiency and Innovation Constantly exploring where efficiencies can be found both for ourselves and for our customers and dedicating thought and action space for innovations to achieve constantly improving outcomes.
Social and Environmental Responsibility Understanding the business’ impact internally, externally, socially and within the wider environment and taking positive responsible actions.
Integrity and Reliability Ensuring we maintain the highest standards across all values consistently and reliably, adopting a strong professional approach to all challenges, at all times.


As part of the wider Bureau Veritas organisation our values dovetail with the business ethics that Bureau Veritas uphold. Ensuring that UCM continue to uphold these ethics is a key part of our corporate governance.

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