Vehicle Damage Evaluation Services

Should loss or damage occur the requirement to effectively manage least cost repair techniques and associated labour and parts costs to the lowest level, requires a strong bias to brand influences and crucially engineering expertise

Combining our pillars of people and systems, UCM Global consistently delivers a meaningful net savings benefit to the full spectrum of its customer groups. In certain instances the focus to this service enables UCM to uniquely provide a cost/savings guarantee to ensure that only a positive customer experience, without risk, is achieved.

Whether the damage is to a single vehicle delivered to the retail dealer or multiple damages to many units, we can provide accurate appraisals and repairer negotiations, on-site rectification management where relevant and always with brand integrity interests being paramount.

Office-based validation

Carried out by one of our experts drawn from the accident repair workshop sector and so having good experience of estimating and supervising the repair process. An understanding of different estimating systems and by using our own generic software, combined with many years understanding of labour times and hourly rates, price discount opportunities and paint blending standards, we can readily ensure we are well placed to deliver optimum costs outcomes in line with brand quality requirements for an as new repair.

Office-based estimate validations can be offered for vehicles anywhere in the world as they are adjusted to the regional conditions based on the brand standard with local costs of labour and parts taken into account.

Site-based validation

For larger value estimates or where there the severity of damage precludes selling the vehicle to an as new status, we can offer, in certain countries and locations, a physical visit to the dealer or place of loss to ensure the best acceptable savings and brand quality outcomes are always achieved.

Our local representative will be skilled in reviewing and adjusting estimates on site, by carefully accounting for repair skills and the latest repair techniques available in the relevant market.

Accident or Catastrophic event management

Our damage evaluation services extend to large loss management on behalf of manufacturers and leading marine underwriters. This can include weather-based damages caused by hail, sand, flooding or air-borne contamination, or may be the result of a major incident during transit by road, rail or at sea.

Where feasible we are particularly skilled with large case accountability and supervision of repairs in situ, by carefully chosen experts. Supported by a team of inspectors who been specifically trained to identify both seen and unseen damages, we are able to travel at short notice and take control of incidents quickly.

The principles of our service are to evaluate, estimate and manage the repair to the manufacturer’s standard, within a budget and to an agreed timescale. Our sector expertise, similar event experience and flexibility all contribute to a faster and cost-saving process.

Savings for each £ of fee expenditure
Jan – Dec 2016