Risk Management – Target: Zero Damages

Risk management is about damage reduction initiatives, improving efficiency and cost effectiveness.

‘Target: Zero Damage’ employs a three stage approach to achieve the optimum outcome from the specific circumstances of our customer. Generically the process involves:

Stage 1: Planning

In this stage we review all the foundation conditions on which damage rectification cost recovery rely. These include contractual conditions, handling standards and the current process.

With our experience we can make an impact by ensuring improved conditions are in place to minimise damage and maximise recoveries.

Stage 2: Manage

Here we monitor the live environment. We identify trends in damage causality, opportunities to implement stricter validation activities and we measure the effectiveness of the recovery process.

Instant improvements as well as longer term supply chain re-engineering initiatives are the outcomes.

Stage 3: Improve

Finally, we review the performance of all parties involved in the supply chain. Through KPIs and benchmarking, we can target practical initiatives such as awareness or training to help improve future results.

The process then repeats from stage 1 to 3 on an ongoing basis. In this way we know that we will reduce the occurrences of damage, improve the quality of vehicles and reduce the cost associated with damages.